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Relaxing aromatic massage with essential oils of Lebanon
To receive a massage with gently heated oil is not only a pleasure but a way to neutralize anxiety. A journey of body and soul to the horizons of relaxation and lightness.
Duo Massage
For a couple in the open air: semi-shade, semi-sun to procure a rare sensation to share with your partner at sunset. A magic moment of abandon.
Bali Massage for 4 Hands with Spices and Vanilla Beans
A sensuous, warm and naturally tempting scent to help you reach nirvana. Lose all sense of time and space within synchronization of 4 massaging hands for total bliss.
Prestigious massage with “Imperial Pearl Powder”
A remodeling massage with rematerializing and anti-aging properties of Imperial Pearl Powder leaving a silky, young and glowing skin.
Traditional Hot Stone Massage
A very gentle massage with heated stones placed on the 7 chakra energy points of the body, stimulating circulation and bringing energy to your body. At the same time intense relaxation through an ancient and unique massages technique.
Chinese foot reflexology
In the East, the foot is the symbol of the earth and thus it holds a spiritual aura. To discover reflexology and take care of your feet will relax the entire body like magic and restore physical and mental harmony
Facial Masage
Achieve a younger looking, glowing and healthier skin with our beauty facial massage. Gentle strokes prevent new tension lines and wrinkles from appearing, resulting in a younger appearance.
Shoulder Head and Neck Massage
Massage of the scalp and the neck to increase blood flow, mental relaxation and restore psychological energy essential to wellbeing.
Anti-cellulite draining massage
Various precise maneuvers encourage the lymphatic draining of toxins in those areas of the body infested with cellulite, creating relief for the legs and a harmonious silhouette.
Relaxing Back Massage with the Sacred Oil of the Pharaons
An anti-stress massage with movements concentrated on the back to relieve painful tensions and to relax the muscles. Our professional physiotherapists only use natural and essential oils derived from authentic Lebanese products and other treasures from around the world
Prepare your Baby for the Big World
Enjoy a gentle massage during your pregnancy and create a peaceful setting for birth. Pregnancy massage could help your baby be calm and sleep, as it can reduces stress, relieves pain, backache and decreases swelling.
Full body relaxing with foot reflexology
Jacuzzi | Duration: 30 minutes
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