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The Quest for Wellness
  Alice Eddé on éWellness journeys 20/2/2014
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Chef Brisa Deneumostier Julia Edgely is a trained classical, complex and practical homeopath, specialising in the treatment of infants and children. Samantha Howick, Yoga instructor born Montreal Canada 1973.
Chef Brisa Deneumostier
Mindful Cooking & Eating

Julia Edgely | trained classical homeopath

Samantha Howick
Yoga instructor
Nicolas Casse |Cranial and Structural Osteopath
Eddé Sands invites you to experience harmony of the body and mind through our ‘SPA Tropical’ which completes the é Wellness concept to its finest detail.
Our team of professionally trained Lebanese physiotherapists will guide you in formulating a personalized Spa experience.

Eddésands Wellness programs are tailored to suit each individual's needs by our team of world- renowned wellness specialists. Bach flower remedies - the healthy way to feeling great.

Noor Voorwalt from holland, a Bach flower therapist have proven to be a great alternative way to get unwanted feelings out of your emotional system and good way to feeling happy and stress free. 
Bach Flower Therapy is a natural system of stress management which uses flower remedies to correct emotional imbalance. Our in-house Bach flower specialist: Mrs. Leonore Voorwalt from Holland is available for personalized consultations. She will test you for a Bach Flower combination tailored to your specific needs. Bach Flower Therapy is an alternative based healing method which is renowned worldwide for its simplicity, efficiency and noticeable results.
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Nicolas Casse |Cranial and Structural Osteopath