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La pôche du jour - Lebanese Fish Restaurant LayaliZaman -Oriental Cuisine Les Cascades Upscale health oriented restaurant
La pêche Du Jour Layali Zaman Starlight Lounge Les Cascades
Lebanese Fish Restaurant Oriental Fusion Italian Cuisine Upscale Health Oriented
summer outlets _ Eddé Sands Summer Only
Beach Bar | Eddésands | Byblos | lebanon éBeach - Snack restaurant American Alley Casual International eatery éParadiso - Refined Italian Cuisine
éBeach Bar éBeach American Alley éParadiso
Trendy day & Night Outlet Hot & Cold Snacks Casual International Refined Italian Cuisine
We offer you a fine and sophisticated Lebanese and international cuisine through our famous restaurants in Jbeil Lebanon.
From fine cuisine to trendy poolside bars, Eddé Sands’ innovative choices, spectacular settings
and personalized round-the-clock service are a hit with the locals as well as tourists. Moreover,
our restaurants are popular destinations for yachts cruising by the coastline.

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